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Lifestyles of a Sumo

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March 23rd, 2005

01:22 pm - hello old friend!
hi lj! um im bored and have done nothing with myself all break except for talk to ricardo and sleep...o and eat. shame on me. so my sis and i r gonna walk to blockbuster and get milkshakes slutttsss. woot woot. I get my hair done 2morrow so i will be pretty! and then i will have friday and saturday to party...party while im pretty tehehe. *excitement* screw hw...
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: banana pancakes

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March 5th, 2005

09:17 pm
aaah hello beautiful lj. i missed u. u were my friend when times were simpler. whats happened since i last updated? well...i didnt get dorothy. I feel like im in totally dif. place in life when i feel like there is no such thing as a bad choice. Anywhere i end up i think i could make it awesome b/c thats just the type of kid i am. i dont mean that in a cocky way but i think its ok to think ur great. if not...kiss my ass. Im at an interesting place as far as religion goes too. i know my relationship with God is something of much more substance. So cussing and commiting "sins" has nothing to do with whether or not i love God. and God knows that. I hate ppl who belittle relgion by making it nothing but actions and consequences. o i cuss...I'm not Godly or o i watch a movie with sex in it, i'm going to Hell. Its okay to indulge i think. It has nothing to do with whether or not God and i r there for each other. God and I have something much more weighty than that. If u do think this way, ur not wrong...ur just not thinking the way i am.

I havent listened to john in forever. Havent hung out w/lily in 4ever. gosh...life is different. Life has molded into something new...nows the transition period....
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Jack johnson- dreams be dreams

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February 5th, 2005

07:43 am - Anxious
ok monday needs to come immediately! as the days wear on i lose more and more confidence and i cant sleep! i want it THAT badly. i think i did really well at my audition but destiny williams did too and if she gets it i will weep til....forever. i think i wanted it soooooo much more than her. but...she is a great dancer and i am not. they taught us a new dance and i nailed it but still...she nailed the first audition dance so...i'm scurred. What if i'm not even considered? what if they just kinda brush me off and be like "jasmine who?" and then i have to look mr. A in the eye everyday for the rest of the yr not as dorothy but as stupid failure jasmine. then i will be depressed. i am depressed and nothin has happened yet! *cries* comeone has to call me and get my mind on something else or i will die lol
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: jesse mc cartney-beautiful soul

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January 24th, 2005

06:10 pm
I have neglected u dear xanga and now i've come to declare that i do not hate u. in fact i love ur old-fashioned non-xanganess. u r beautiful. Whats new? lets go thru the day.
Span-literal torture. how can u guys stomach day 1s?
Theory-felt behind but as if i caught on quickly
Chem-took quiz 20/20 got back an old quiz 20/20 i rock
Gov't-took notes on the floor and have an F lol

Weirdness on the train. Wow looking back on that outline of the day...it sucked but haha it was still fine cuz lunch ruled and my friends r awesome. Saw Manuel at the boynton station and he is adorable. we had a good convo and hes being such a sweety pie. not in a way that i like him (GOd no) just i think hes sweet and that we're too mean to him lol. There is also a boy who looks like a monkey and he rides the bus to go one stop and then gets off. thats just lazy man lol.

i had to walk all the way home cuz my second bus was bobo too....sheesh i shouldnt reflect nemore for fear of getting depressed. lol luv yaz!
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: im just a kid-simple plan

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January 8th, 2005

12:07 am - hehe un guitar eh?
You are a drumstick.

Absolutely insane. That is how most would describe you. You aren't afraid to take risks, and enjoy putting yourself in strange situations. Most people hang out with you because of your hilarious sense of humour. You light up any bad situation, and can help all of your friends with their problems, except for your own. Because of this, you enjoy being around people like you. Many shut you out for your very weird, random personality, but honestly, you shouldn't care.

Most compatible with: Guitar, and another drumstick.

Click here -- What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?

Current Mood: soresore...but happy
Current Music: ciara-one two step

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January 5th, 2005

10:15 pm - Confession to make
xanga is waaaay cooler. lol.. that is all
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Its all about me- mya and sisqo

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January 1st, 2005

10:39 pm

Jacked this from Rachel....woot

In 2004 Have You?
Gone to a party?: Hell yes
Tried something new?: always...foreign foods, made foreign friends, gave rap a chance again, Gave the past a second chance, CHESTER! (does that count as trying somthing new? not so much as trying something daring, eh?)

Had someone change your life?: Not drastically

Kissed someone?: yeppers. avoid 90 degree turns when kissing. no good can come of it....also avoid clanging teeth together lol

Told your family & friends you love them?: Every convo ends with those words my darlings
Bought something extravagant?: not really...

Done something nice for yourself?: shower myself with gifts? absolutamente
Done something terribly wrong?: *sigh* if i had to bullet them u'd all be outraged lol

Moved?: no sir
Gone to a concert?: Hell yea!!! Johnny Baby!

The Best ____ of 2004?
Party: Tie between homecoming and jess's sweet sixteen
Show: *cough* now i go to suncoast bitches. who has time for tv? lol no but Best Week ever and john mayer has a tv show rule
Cd: Frank Sinatra mix tehehe
Song: F*** You Rite Back-Frankee (for laughing purposes only)

Experience: roller coaster feeling  in ur stomach when someone special says something sweet *sigh* thats heaven i tell u
Concert: John fools. guitar conversations..."I knew they were fake when i was looking at them!"
Book: tough one. cant choose
Month: November- romantic tanglage, braces off and whitened teeth, danny, alot of missin skool...

Day: 23rd...need i say romance was blooming?

During 2004?
Where were you when it began?: in front of the tv with a glass full of bicardi silver bih!
Did you stay up?: woot!
What was your new year wish?: to spend more time w/my family
Have any crushes?: but of course
Care to mention names?: *sigh* i'll be here all nite fools. shan, ricardo lol...andres (how sad and ick), marcus for 2 seconds, larry, JEREMY COLLADO!!!!, danny...um...i think thats it.

New friends?: Mindy lmao. and bundles of other folks. mindy stands out in my mind however b/c of the torturous hours she spent tagging along and yelling b/c she doesnt understand the concept of sound traveling AT ALL. either that, or she doesnt trust it. either way. looooud loud times with her.
Had to say goodbye?: um...no
Missed anyone?: DANNY!!!...and like, everyone during the hurricane
Win anything?: sadly no
Best place you went to?: Mississippi or Orlando
Worst place you went to?: Georgia. Boooooring as hell. They have the nerve to call it "Hot-Lanta" hot lanta my black ass
Happiest moment?: too many to choose
How was your birthday?: Weird looking back on it.

Best present?: David and Goliath everything! um..and cheescake.

Hopes for 2005?
Predict something that you believe will happen: I'll become a 16 yr old baller? lol

What do you hope for yourself?: I'll become more independent and i'll stay with the one guy i've dreamed about for 3 long yrs. damn hes beautiful
What do you hope for your family?: i hope we beome a stronger family unit now that my bro is gone and we're all we've got....and i hope we kick the lesbians out lol
What do you hope for your friends?: we party harder dudes. that and we boost our lovage


1. downwithmindy
2. oj didit3x5
3. tightywhitieluvr

1. My inability to turn off the flirtage
2. the way i ramble when i'm nervous
3. i would say my pouch...but i've grown quite fond of it

2. dreyfoos
3. being trapped in a room where old ppl r having an orgy and not being able to get out?...and then they invite u to join in because ur young and have a "strong back" and yea...

1. music
2. chapstick

3. a smile

1. blue boxers ..i dunno where they're from. prolly wal-mart bih
2. my mommys nike tank
3. and my nappy ponytail

1. John Mayer (not a band i know)
2. Switchfoot
3. Danny's rap group lmao

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order):
1. I wanna fall in love
2. My mother is Russian?
3. I hate sterotypes about black ppl and "guns in the hood" and other such bullshit.

1. Gorgeous faces
2. Incredibly chisled features
3. Laughs at my weirdness/brilliant personalities

1. kiss danny

2. sing in the rain

3. dance in my nudey pants

1. Austrailia
2. Venice
3. New York

THREE KID'S NAMES: (r these just random kids or mine? who knows?)

1. Danbah lol
2. Lily
3. Shaquita Alazae ------lol thats the shiz

1. Have The highest Number of concert sales in all the land!!! (once i go on tour damnit)

2. Go to a store and buy like every single product that could make a cashier uncomfortable (Vagisil, Preperation H, you know...the good stuff)

and then give them details about how much itchiness i'm experiencing and continue to pester them until i burst with laughter
3. Have a pet squirrel...at least one

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Ricardo on the phone

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December 31st, 2004

02:26 pm - Mission: Jitterbug

Objective: Start a new trend for the suncoast copy cats
Reason behind objective:all the preppy losers at our skool stole Build Me up Buttercup b/c they're stipid unoriginal cheap-os.

New song???


Jitterbug [4X]

You put the boom-boom into my heart
You send my soul sky high when your lovin' starts
Jitterbug into my brain
Goes a bang-bang-bang 'til my feet do the same
But something's bugging you
Something ain't right
My best friend told me what you did last night
Left me sleepin' in my bed
I was dreaming, but I should have been with you instead.

Wake me up before you go-go
Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
Wake me up before you go-go
I don't want to miss it when you hit that high
Wake me up before you go-go
'Cause I'm not plannin' on going solo
Wake me up before you go-go
Take me dancing tonight
I wanna hit that high (yeah, yeah)

You take the grey skies out of my way
You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day
Turned a bright spark into a flame
My beats per minute never been the same

'Cause you're my lady, I'm your fool
It makes me crazy when you act so cruel
Come on, baby, let's not fight
We'll go dancing, everything will be all right

Wake me up before you go-go
Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
Wake me up before you go-go
I don't want to miss it when you hit that high
Wake me up before you go-go
'Cause I'm not plannin' on going solo
Wake me up before you go-go
Take me dancing tonight
I wanna hit that high (yeah, yeah, baby)


Cuddle up, baby, move in tight
We'll go dancing tomorrow night
It's cold out there, but it's warm in bed
They can dance, we'll stay home instead


Wake me up before you go-go
Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
Wake me up before you go-go
I don't want to miss it when you hit that high
Wake me up before you go-go
'Cause I'm not plannin' on going solo
Wake me up before you go-go
Take me dancing tonight
Wake me up before you go-go, don't you dare to leave me hanging on like a
Take me dancing



That rules i tell u. absoluetely rules!

Current Mood: bouncydance-ish
Current Music: Wake Me up Before you Go-go

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12:10 am - A bunch of madness at Lily's!

 The Liller and I in our Foolish-osity!

Smiley Fools of Doom


We're TOO Cool For Skool ...which explains y we're not in skool and we're on winter break? yea...thats it...

Dont Mess With These Cowgirls! we'll blow u to smithereens!...that was gay. lol farewell


Current Mood: ecstaticDelightful
Current Music: The Beautiful Ones-Prince

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December 29th, 2004

08:28 pm - Lots of News
Grrrr! My dad is making me go to Dreyfoos next yr!!! *anger* thats ok...artistically thats where i belong neway. but i will miss u guys! and i will have to c stupid danny everyday! i liked the distance...it made us move slower. which means a relationship longer than 2 months. lol My Vocal teacher said i look like janet jackson...wow he tried poor janet. i look like,....me lol. He also said i am a future diva. woot! i remember the days when he said i'd never make it...told u id show him. but..i still got some showin to do. Auditions r apparently in feb for dreyfoos and i am doomed. Auditions for YSPB r in Jan so i'll do that too. poopitys man. life is weird. i have been sentenced to doomishness. the ppl at dreyfoos suck ass! i'll have to start over as a junior! *cries* no one is half as cool as ONE of my friends at coast. everyone is a close-minded bitch and i swear i'll get into 18 fights w/in the 1st week with old ppl that i hate!!! i hate hate hate this. Bright side is mayb i'll get better grades and b top of my class. lol then again....mayb i'll keep my same work ethic and fail outta skool. grrrrr. mayb i'll have more free time! aaah i needa go think on this. i need to go dwell. i luv u guys more than a midget loves....other midgets? yea...other midgets
Current Mood: drainedlost. i belong at coast!!!
Current Music: My sniffles and whimpers

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